Keynote with Dr. Uma Gupta


9:00 am - 9:45 am


The Art and Science of Making Good Decisions

Making good decisions is not just a matter of skills, training or character. It is a matter of taking a close and intimate look at how our thinking lead us down a certain pathway in life. Our brains play an integral role in how we receive and process information and what triggers us to choose one path over the other when faced with choices. The two essential “managers” of our brain are the fast-thinking brain and the slow-thinking brain. These two parts sometimes work well together and sometimes compete for our attention and resources. Further, underlying these two “managers” is the emotional brain that is an invisible dictator of our choices. Therefore, understanding how our logic and emotions thrust us into certain life situations that in turn, influence our happiness is essential for our
long-term well-being.

In her humorous and insightful presentation, Dr. Gupta provides strategies and tips to help us pause, reflect, and assess the elements that make up the important decisions we make. Through a set of interactive exercises, she helps participants gain a deeper insight into their decision triggers and provides the groundwork for making effective decisions in the future.