Security Mashup

Buying into Security : Real talk

Breakouts April 30, 2020 TBD - TBD

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Wim Remes

Does a CISO really need to be in the board room and if so, what would they do there? I’m bringing together 20+ years of consulting experience and more than half a decade of board leadership to shut down the hype. Let’s have a conversation on how to effectively communicate with leadership.

“A CISO must speak to the board” is an often heard line in our industry. So much so that CISOs would start to feel inadequate if they don’t. But is it really necessary? Are CISOs the best individuals to effectively convey the security message to the board or could they possibly find unsuspected allies in fellow leaders? This session will meander through 20+ years of experience working with leaders in all types of organisations, including 5+ years as a board member myself. Using anecdotes, sometimes even funny ones, I will work with you to paint a clear picture of what works, what doesn’t, and what is really expected from you as a security leader to be an effective contributor to your organization’s strategy.