About IT Hot Topics Conference

Our annual IT Hot Topics Conference started as a small user group and customer appreciation event. It soon morphed to a gathering of IT professionals across North Carolina and beyond to learn about new technologies and exchange ideas in a relaxed and fun environment.

Who attends?

The conference is attended by I.T. and information security professionals ranging from hands-on roles such as network admins, security analysts, and managers up through management and director-level decision makers such as Directors, CISOs, CIOs and CTOs. We curate content and speakers across a breadth of topics and skill sets from technical hands-on workshops to professional development and leadership so there’s something for everyone.

What’s the dress code?

Because of the range of attendees’ positions, you’ll see a similar range of attire spanning from business to business casual as well as jeans paired with polos or someone’s favorite Defcon t-shirt. We expect attendees to be comfortable, but please leave the flip flops and men’s tank tops at home. If you’re playing in the IT Hot Topics Golf Tourney, you’ll need to follow the course’s dress code as outlined on their site.

About the Conference Host

The IT Hot Topics Conference is hosted by Carolina Advanced Digital, Inc. along with industry partners and sponsors.


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